I just love his ‘yep’ face so much.


 the cute john watson series + Watching Sherlock deducing for the first time

inspired by the john hotson series




A tub of baby Huskies walked by at the vet today

My fucking dream



Do you guys ever think about how lucky we are?

We get to read novels that other people will never know existed. We get to know authors before they hit the mainstream.

We get feedback from like-minded people who are 90% of the time gushing over how much they love our work.

We get to watch ourselves grow as writers, laugh and cry with our favorite characters in ways most people will never get to experience, and discover new writers who become our friends.


Fan fiction RULES.

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Sugar daddy John and waiter Sherlock need to stop talking to me. I have too much stuff to do today, and I have a dang Jolto fic to finish.

"You didn't even change your clothes.
Then it's time to add a splash of colour."

Penguins of Madagascar promotional photoshoot (x)